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Learn English and Math

The fun way!


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Finally, a Learning App for Everyone!

App Features

Have Fun Learning

Enjoy learning with songs, videos, games, and rewards. Score points to earn medals for each lesson. Finish all lessons in a course to earn a certificate!

Learn Anywhere

Our courses are available on iOS, Android, and via the web. Complete lessons anywhere and switch easily from phone to tablet to computer.

Learn Your Way

Select your own starting level or take a pretest. Then move up at your own pace, repeating lessons where needed. The lessons adapt to your needs so you can quickly make a personal breakthrough. Start your learning journey today!

Watch The App Preview

See the Learning Upgrade App in action! In this video you’ll see an overview of our fun filled courses and lessons. Experience the freedom of starting at your current level and then moving up at your own pace. Ready to learn English and math the fun way? Let’s get started!

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Math and English Features
  • 600+ lessons cover what you need to learn

  • Songs, video, and games in each lesson

  • Proven effective with over 1 million students

  • Self-paced courses adapt to each student’s needs

  • Effective with special needs, English learners, adults

Download on iOS or Android

Start making English and math breakthroughs today. Download the app now for a free subscription through 10/31/2017!(iOS) (Android)

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Start in just a few steps

Getting started with Learning Upgrade is quick and easy.

  1. Download the Learning Upgrade App and click 'Get Started'.

  2. Select if you want to start with English or math.

  3. Choose to start at the beginning, select your own level, or take a pretest.

  4. Enter your first and last name.

  5. Start learning with your first lesson!

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