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Smartphone Blended Learning

For ESL, ABE, and HSE






Learning Upgrade For Adult Learners

Learning Upgrade enables adult learners to learn anywhere using their own smartphones or computers.  We have over 900 English and math CCRS-aligned lessons that help accelerate growth in literacy, ESL, ABE, and GED classes. Adult learners can use our courses with tutors, in classrooms, and on their own time.
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Learning Upgrade For Instructors

Instructors can track students through comprehensive web-based reports, print achievement certificates, demo whole-class lessons, and manage their entire class.
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Math and English Features
  • 900+ lessons cover what you need to learn

  • Songs, video, and games in each lesson

  • Proven effective with over 1 million students

  • Self-paced courses adapt to each student’s needs

  • Effective with special needs, English learners, adults

Finally, a Learning App for Everyone!


Have Fun Learning

Enjoy learning with songs, videos, games, and rewards. Score points to earn medals for each lesson. Finish all lessons in a course to earn a certificate!

Learn Anywhere

Our courses are available on iOS, Android, and via the web. Complete lessons anywhere and switch easily from phone to tablet to computer.

Learn Your Way

Select your own starting level or take a pretest. Then move up at your own pace, repeating lessons where needed. The lessons adapt to your needs so you can quickly make a personal breakthrough. Start your learning journey today!

Our app is designed to keep learners moving!

Each one of our courses contains 60 lessons. Each lesson takes 10-15 minutes allowing students to absorb small chunks of learning in each session.

Learning Upgrade is available everywhere!

Your students can access their Learning Upgrade courses on phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks! Our courses can go wherever they go.

The Learning Upgrade 4-Step Plan

We've had success with rapid deployment of Learning Upgrade in literacy programs nationwide. We will guide you through the process of onboarding students, training teachers, tracking student progress, and celebrating student success. We've worked with adult school community college blended learning classes, library literacy programs with tutor based models, family learning programs with models for parents and children, and non-traditional programs like refugee education centers.

1: Teacher Training

With Learning Upgrade, it's easy to get started on your own. For those that need a little help, we offer free online training.

2: Student Onboarding

You can upload students on your end, or provide us with a spreadsheet. Each student will have their own username and password.

3: Motivate & Track Students

Using the Student Monitor and individualized tracking reports, you can keep tabs on all student progress.

4: Celebrate Student Success

Print achievement certificates and celebrate student success!
We're Proud Semifinalists of the Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy X-Prize

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Download on iOS or Android

Your students can start making English and math breakthroughs today. Request a pilot and download our free app.

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