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The Learning Upgrade App received 5/5 stars on! “Is your child having problems mastering a particular Math or English lesson no matter what you do to help? My youngest has been struggling to remember the basic rules of writing a simple sentence despite having done many written exercises. Then I let him have a go at the app, Learning Upgrade. To my surprise, he picked up the skills easily within the day!” The Learning Upgrade Recieves 5 Stars On The iMumRead more over at!

Our CEO, Vinod Lobo, described how a California grant is giving adult English learners access to blended education programs on their smartphones in Language Magazine this week.
“Recent data shows that adult ELLs engaging in a blended model of in-person and at-home, smartphone-based learning achieved significant gains in just ten weeks. This tells us that the blended approach works. Now, we have to scale it up. Up until three years ago, there was virtually no state funding for adult education programs, and federal funding was hard to come by. In 2015, California launched the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) to improve coordination and better serve the needs of adult learners across the region. The grant distributed $500 million of state funding to support adult education programs among 71 consortia that included community colleges, school districts, and other education providers.” Read More on Language Magazine

The Learning Upgrade App was recently reviewed by Teachers With Apps and received a very favorable review. Teachers With Apps is a resource site for parents and educators looking for tools in the digital arena. Teachers With Apps does a thorough field test of every reviewed app with input from students and teachers.
The Learning Upgrade App Reviewed on Teachers With Apps
You can read what the reviewers had to say about the Learning Upgrade App over at “Within the Learning Upgrade app, you will find over 300 edutainment lessons centering on both reading and math. The reading lessons, for example, are extensive and encompass topics ranging from letter ID, phonics to decoding, vocabulary, grammar, writing, and innumerable other literacy concepts. The math lessons, are also comprehensive and include topics such as counting, addition/subtraction, measurement, multiplication/division, word problems and many other essential math concepts.” Read More

The Learning Upgrade App was recently reviewed by and received 5/5 stars. The Educational App Store helps teachers and parents around the world progress the child’s education through the use of apps. They provide a discovery and recommendation platform curated by qualified educators.

Educational App Store Learning Upgrade App Review Math English SPED Homeschools

You can read what the teacher reviewers had to say about the Learning Upgrade App over at

“There is a large amount of content within the app, in fact there is over 900 lessons but what makes the app enjoyable and engaging is the way the learning is spread out through the app. As the user works through the lessons they are split into bite size chunks so it doesn’t feel like you are being overloaded with content detracting from the actual learning that is happening.  Read More